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Air Industries - SYSPRO Canada

Air Industries

“Though our name is ‘Air Industries’, we are now firmly grounded with highly sophisticated hardware and software.”

– Tim Che, AIC Project Manager, Air Industries

The Company

Based in Garden Grove, California, Air Industries manufactures bolts, screws, pins and lock-bolts. The company supplies to prime aerospace contractors around the globe and is one of only a handful of firms which meets all the compulsory standards required of such a vendor. Founded in 1951, Air Industries’ specialty is working with titanium as well as super alloys and a wide variety of other high-strength steels.

The Challenge

Air Industries’ mission is to ‘provide fasteners that exceed customers’ expectations and requirements’. In fact, it was the company’s quality orientation that led it to seek a new computer system. The company’s hardware was ageing, and it decided to seek a new computer system and new computer software that could handle a rapidly expanding product line as well as stringent lot inventory and traceability requirements.

The Solution

After a lengthy examination of available solutions, Air Industries opted for SYSPRO ERP software on a Windows-based server. The reasons for selecting SYSPRO included the solution’s in-depth lot control capability. Another major consideration was the potential of saving numerous man hours via the integration of Bills of Material, Purchasing, Work in Progress and Inventory Control.

The Result

Today, 50 people use SYSPRO on a daily basis. According to Air Industries, the benefits of the system have far exceeded expectations. Inventory accuracy has improved by approximately 50% thanks to a large number form field, powerful serial number tracking, the capability to control multiple warehouses with multiple bins and the ability to perform inspection receipting. Moreover, the integrated nature of SYSPRO has eliminated data duplication, resulting in the savings of numerous man hours in addition to a reduction in data entry errors.

One of the major results achieved by the new solution is the superior, up-to-date information flow to management, enabling more expedient decision-making. In addition, ‘drill down’ capabilities have significantly expanded the amount of available operational data and are helping to boost company profits.

“With our rapidly expanding product line and stringent lot inventory and trace ability requirements, we needed a more sophisticated ERP system.”
– Tim Che, AIC Project Manager, Air Industries

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