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“We fully expect SYSPRO will be a major factor in enabling us to streamline many processes. I know Pharma Tech definitely made the right choice by selecting SYSPRO.”

– Kristin Brown, Planning Manager, Pharma Tech

The Company

Since they opened the original plant in Union, MO, in 1972, Pharma Tech has been providing full-service contract manufacturing and packaging services to the pharmaceutical industry, specifically producing over-the-counter drugs. In 2005, however, the company added the Royston plant – and a cosmetics divi- sion – to the business, more than doubling the company’s size and tripling their square-footage. Most notably, they took over production of the world’s supply of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder.

Pharma Tech provides various client services, from blending, milling, screening and  classifying,  to repackaging of bulk intermediates. Pharma  both raw material suppliers and  pharmaceutical   manufacturers. Between   the   two facilities  the  company   today   employs  over 250 people.

Explains Pharma Tech President, Carl Oberg, “Our Union plant produces over- the-counter pharmaceuticals. Our Royston plant produces cosmetics. How- ever, both must comply with fDA regulations and undergo periodic inspections by that body. Since Johnson’s Baby Powder is considered a ‘pharmaceutical,’ there is a high level of comfort and confidence in having the powder produced in Pharma Tech’s FDA controlled environment.”

The Challenge

When Pharma Tech bought the Royston plant from Johnson & Johnson, the decision was quickly made to look for new software. Since historically the Roy- ston plant was a J&J facility, it had been utilizing the current J&J software. However, the change in ownership prompted the need for a replacement ERP system, one that could accommodate the needs of a smaller, tighter business while helping the company achieve compliance with strict FDA requirements. Time was not a luxury Pharma Tech could afford during such a major transi- tion.

Pharma Tech is registered with the fDA for the production of food, Drug and Medical Device products, and as such has established a Good Manufacturing Practices program that includes a mandatory Lot Traceability visibility. When the time came for a new ERP software, that was a primary consideration.

The Solution

Pharma Tech selected the SYSPRO ERP solution for its long history with and dedication to the manufacturing indus- try, for its user-friendly functionality, for its capability to facili- tate fDA compliance and for the speed at which it could be implemented.

Kristin Brown, Pharma Tech’s customer service and planning manager, says that, “The SYSPRO STARS implementation methodology was also important to us, since we were on a very tight time schedule for going live.” Brown’s confidence, it turns out, was fully justified when the SYSPRO implemen- tation was accomplished in less than four months.

The SYSPRO Lot Traceability module is of paramount im- portance to the compliance requirements embedded in Pharma Tech’s day-to-day operations. The company needs to be able to trace each and every item going into and out of its facilities. The SYSPRO module allows Pharma Tech not only to track those items but also to track the inspection progress involving them.

The Result

Pharma Tech has been concentrating on utilizing SYSPRO’s basic functionality and continues to leverage the software for new and advanced cababilities. The company uses SYSPRO software in all aspects of the manufacture of Johnson’s Baby Powder. “We import the orders/forecast into SYSPRO, schedule jobs for the production floor, order raw materials and track raw material inventory, receive inven- tory,  and of course do sales orders. We also use it for all of our accounting functions,” says Brown. “We fully expect SYSPRO will be a major factor in enabling us to streamline many processes. I know Pharma Tech definitely made the right choice by selecting SYSPRO.”

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