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Innovation / Future Proof

Innovations in the SYSPRO Lab

Machine Learning (AI )

Harnesses Big Data with predictive analytics.



  • This enables our software to predict supply and demand, all across the supply chain
  • SYSPRO unites social media capabilities, internal/external collaboration and machine learning into a single offering for targeted or highly complex tasks
  • This collaboration and integration gives the “big picture” business benefits across the board, instantly surfacing developments


Artificial Intelligence means customers deal with an intelligent and human-like chatbot which answers queries quickly.


  • Chatbots answering and even predicting customer queries automates customer service to free up resources within the business
  • The (AI) web robot resides within the SYPRO ERP ecosystem and streamlines business functions through natural conversations with the Bot

I o T

The Internet of Things using sensors will allow machines to talk to each other.


  • IoT and AI will boost productivity by harnessing the physical and virtual worlds on the manufacturing and distribution floor
  • IoT will enable SYSPRO to ‘talk’ to devices, using this data to optimize and streamline the business

Social ERP

This interface is simple to use, familiar and especially desirable for the up and coming Millennial business owners.


  • Check on the operating status of their business 24/7 in an easy to use and recognizable format
  • A messaging platform the equivalent of Lync, Facebook messenger or What’s App will enable integration of SYSPRO data into the chat and enable archive and trend analysis in conversation
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