Geoff Garrett

Geoff Garrett

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO USA

Geoff Garrett is Chief Executive Officer of SYSPRO USA and is an accomplished technology leader. He has over two decades experience in digital business, software, corporate strategy, customer experience, sales performance, and sales enablement.


Garrett joined SYSPRO in 2016 as a specialist provider of sales performance improvement solutions and was later appointed Chief Sales Officer. Within this role, he was imperative in the development of SYSPRO's new channel Program, PartnerUP, led the global corporate growth strategy, and continued driving the global sales transformation in both direct and channel sales at SYSPRO. This involves all aspects of sales for all key regions including Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Europe, and USA. Following the success of this endeavor, he was named CEO of SYSPRO USA, SYSPRO’s flagship region located in Southern California.


Prior to joining SYSPRO, Garrett served as CEO for sales consulting firm, SalesRehab. During his tenure at SalesRehab, he was responsible for strategy, structure, financial performance, and overall growth. It was Garrett’s expertise in strengthening sales organizations and creating life-long customers that introduced him to SYSPRO in 2016.


Garrett’s goals are not limited to driving organizational success; He is also passionate about giving back to his community, making a difference in the lives of others, and building a meaningful life for his wife and children.

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