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Optimize Operations Distribution


Distribution Innovations

Improved distribution process control through:

Preferred vendor provides for the management of your sourcing strategies for materials, for the recommended selection of suppliers during your purchasing cycle

Shared services for procurement centralizes the procurement process, reducing cost and promoting better purchasing contract control, auditing, monitoring, negotiation and lowering of administrative costs

Return to Vendor (RTV) realizes a formalized return to vendor process allowing for the management, auditing and reporting of goods returned to suppliers ensuring minimum wastage.

Request for Quote (RFQ) extends collaboration to your suppliers by providing for the automated quote process and servicing of the RFQ by the supplier, integrated into your procurement process, enhancing operational efficiencies

Distribution Innovations

Optimized distribution through:

Warehouse Management System (WMS) – Picking and Marshalling provides an innovative extension of the multi-bin functionality and boosts order book  fulfilment and the pick management process.

Generic pricing engine provides for a centralized means of setting and expediting pricing prioritization for all sales and purchasing pricing rules. The simple
management of all pricing rules, hierarchies, promotions and rebates accelerates the sales and purchasing processes.

Order shipping API provides a generic interface for the integration of any shipping or logistic system into the dispatch process of orders

Manage and transact Stock at multiple SKU levels with differentiated costs, sales, stocking and physical attributes with Multiple Stocking UOM’s

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