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System of Engagement

Driving Enhanced User Engagement

Boost the user experience and promote business behavior through enhanced intuitiveness, simplicity and engaging innovations

Web Views is a User Interface designed to be intuitive, flexible, simple to use and easy to consume

Role-based workbenches providing users the complete tools and information needed to perform their role efficiently and effectively

Business Insights provide instant insight into status, KPI’s, measures and actions required to improve business behavior

Web based interface providing access to SYSPRO via HTML5 on any device and on any platform

Driving User Collaboration and Experience

We are boosting collaboration through Social ERP and Analysis using predictive analytics and Data Sentiment

Social ERP provides collaboration capabilities to follow and track key data; action and communicate relevant information to internal and external stakeholders

Algorithms continuously scan data for sentiment detection on customer opinion about services or products and surface these sentiments for informed and strategic decision making

AI and Predictive Analytics harness the power of algorithmic business, surfacing business trends across the value-chain

Predictive searching helps you get to the information you need effortlessly

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