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6 Essential Elements of a Successful B2B eCommerce Website

Transform your online presence to gain new customers and increase loyalty

Customers today expect and prefer a self-service, always accessible website where they can securely access product information, get pricing details, manage their invoices and orders, access content and more.

Traditional business websites are unable to meet these expectations as they are neither flexible nor scalable. They often contain obsolete data and are error-prone because of the manual intervention needed to keep them updated. When you have to manually manage multiple SKUs, changing prices, and inventory availability, you risk not having an accurate and personalized experience for your customers.

By integrating your SYSPRO ERP and eCommerce website you can improve your customer’s experience. Join Jennifer Beasley, Opportunity Specialist at Nomad eCommerce and learn how you can:

6 Essential Elements of a Successful B2B eCommerce Website

  1. Enable your customers to access your product data 24 x 7 including pricing and features
  2. Get meaningful insights on consumption patterns, taxes, open invoices and more through customizable reports
  3. Manage your product catalog and control what buyers see
  4. Easily control pricing, discounts and promotions
  5. Increase visibility of your products online and generate more high-quality business leads to grow your business
  6. Save productive man-hours through automation


Jennifer Beasley, Opportunity Specialist Nomad eCommerce
Jennifer is an experienced B2B solutions specialist for manufacturing and distribution companies. She specializes in facilitating them in creating, managing, and sustaining a high performing online presence. She is a graduate from Maryville University of Saint Louis.

6 Essential Elements of a Successful B2B eCommerce Website


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