Supply Chain Management and ERP

5 Easy Ways to Go Digital in your Warehouse in 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here’s the thing about enduring a crisis: sometimes, you end up better than you were when it started. So says …

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Building a Robust Supplier Base to Secure your Supply Chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following a six-month stint in a dining-room chair, glued to Zoom or my cell phone, I am now free. Now …

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The Importance of Using Digital Technologies In the Supply Chain

Reading Time: 4 minutes For businesses involved in moving and distributing goods around the country or the world, the pandemic of 2020 has shown …

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How Malaysia Food Manufacturers can Avoid Leaving a Bad Taste in their Supply Chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes There have been a number of scary stories doing the rounds for years around unhygienic food conditions. From mass food …

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6 Challenges Facing Procurement and How to Address Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic are far from over and a recovery timeframe is anything but certain. Among the …

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Supply Chain Disruption – What Happens Next?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Organizations are looking for opportunities to innovate their operations and rethink their business models as the Covid-19 pandemic has caused …

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A four-step strategy for building procurement resilience in a VUCA world

A 4-step Strategy for Building Procurement Resilience in a VUCA World

Reading Time: 3 minutes Supply chain disruptions are nothing new. From global trade disputes to Brexit, volatile exchange rates, fluctuating commodity prices and civil …

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Key Benefits of COVID-19 Resulting in a Localization of Supply Chains

Reading Time: 3 minutes The disruption caused by the coronavirus has led global supply chains to re-think globalized market strategies. Before the pandemic, Chinese …

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Recalls_how_food_and_beverage_manufacturers_can_avoid_this_scary_ reality

Recalls – How Food and Beverage Manufacturers can Avoid this Scary Reality

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the food supply chain has become more costly and complex, any food safety incident can have a negative impact …

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