ERP Implementation


3 Ways to Drive Value out of Your ERP Investment

Reading Time: 3 minutes As a mother of an avid horse rider, I have noticed a development where horses are now being bred to …

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How COOs can Contribute to Software Selection and Deployment

Reading Time: 4 minutes The COO is at the center of business. While the role of the COO differs from organization to organization, it …

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How the Modern CFO can Contribute to Software Selection and Use

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the past, the role of the CFO was about ensuring accounting and reporting of past activities and booking transactions …

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WhatWhat_Leaders_Need_to_Consider_before_Implementing_ERP Leaders Need to Consider before Implementing ERP

What Leaders Need to Consider before Implementing ERP

Reading Time: 4 minutes This year, the pandemic has really emphasized and accentuated the need for companies to critically look at business operations. Technology …

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Adopting Technology and Upskilling Employees is Vital during COVID-19

Reading Time: 2 minutes No crisis is an isolated, neatly contained incident, and the COVID-19 outbreak is exceptional by any standards. In order to …

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Kaizen, Kaikaku, Gambatte – Three useful concepts to consider when implementing ERP

Kaizen, Kaikaku, Gambatte – 3 Useful Concepts to Consider when Implementing ERP

Reading Time: 6 minutes Before considering an ERP implementation, let’s take a look at three very useful concepts that need to be factored upfront: 

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How to Make the Right Choice of ERP Implementation Partner

Reading Time: 2 minutes In our ERP world, we get those who manufacture and those who distribute. The ones who make ERP, typically rely …

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Why Forgetting the Human Element of Digitalization Obstructs Software Implementation

Reading Time: 3 minutes There has never been a better time for manufacturers to embrace the powers of ERP. The benefits are compelling, be …

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