ERP and Financial Management

Digital Business and ERPBusiness software

Risk Management in the Digital Age

Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the last few decades manufacturing has changed profoundly, in response to factors that include: the opening up of world …

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ERP for Metal FabricationERP and Financial Management

Metal Fabricators can Choose Funding to Invest in ERP Software to Boost Innovation

Reading Time: 2 minutes Metal fabricators succeed when they can provide a high-quality product using efficient production processes. But increasing customer demand for a …

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ERP for FinanceERP and Analytics

Why CPM Helps Finance Workers Sleep at Night

Reading Time: 3 minutes If I had ever, in my youth, invented an acronym, I believe it would have been ‘GARR’. GARR represents the …

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ERP and TechnologyBusiness software

How Using ERP can Help Fund New Innovations for Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent study out from PwC in November 2018 week shows R&D spending by companies reached record levels in 2018—a good sign …

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ERP for ManufacturingERP and Analytics

Why Industry 4.0 is the New Financial Paradigm

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s a fascinating time to be in finance, especially for those of us who enjoy a challenge, change, and personal …

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Digital Business and ERPERP and Digitization

How Industry 4.0, AI, Bots in ERP can Benefit Finance (Part 2)

Reading Time: 3 minutes As I noted in Part 1 of this blog, financial workers have always been at the forefront of data collection, …

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Managing-Operating ERPERP and Financial Management

8 Reasons ERP is a CEO’s Best Friend

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some CEOs may regard ERP as just a business management tool that keeps things running in the background. However, today’s …

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Managing-Operating ERPERP and Financial Management

6 Ways ERP Can Help Reduce Business Corruption

Reading Time: 2 minutes In light of the recent outcry against fraud and corruption that has swept the nation in recent months, it is …

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ERP for ManufacturingERP and Financial Management

CFO Role Changing in the Digital Age

Reading Time: 2 minutes Remember that old Bob Dylan song from the Sixties? “Oh the times they are a-changing”? The song has rarely been …

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