Adopting SQL Adds Value to Our Customers ERP and Business

Whilst the majority of SYSPRO systems already use Microsoft SQL Server as their database of choice we still have some sites which have yet to make the change from our heritage ISAM based system.

Change can be challenging for many people as they become used to their comfort zone or familiar routine, but sometimes, if change is embraced, it brings with it many benefits and adds value to a person’s life or even a customer’s business.

Migrating to Microsoft SQL Server for example can offer many benefits to our customers.

Scalability and integrity

Over time our customers grow past the limits of a flat file ISAM system. Moving to Microsoft SQL eliminates the size limits and helps their ERP system grow with their requirements. This includes being able to take advantage of increased data retention options as previous physical limits no longer apply.

Migrating also assists with data resiliency and data integrity, making it rock solid and protected from server, network or disk crashes. This means a minimal loss of data in the event of a catastrophe and keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.

As we all know ERP systems are mission critical and any downtime can have significant downstream effects. A correctly configured system running SQL Server will help to keep this risk to a minimum.

So what additional benefits will customers realize from the migration? Well, the SQL Server version of SYSPRO includes innovative features like predictive search which is a ‘Google’ like capability when searching for data. In fact many of our users have mentioned how once you use predictive search it’s difficult to go back. This is highly scalable not being affected by the size of your data.

Optimize businesses

Moving to SQL optimizes businesses and reduces operating costs. Our customers enjoy a lower TCO and reduced costs of administering their database with SQL version SYSPRO. It also helps the customer’s ERP solution to be simply smarter.

Additionally our mobile offering, called Espresso, was designed from day one to be fast, powerful and highly tailor-able. We all know that in a mobile environment we expect apps that respond quickly. Espresso was optimized for SQL Server out-of-the box.

Other SYSPRO technologies focused for SQL Server include: workflow for business optimization and automation; analytics for data visibility and improved analysis, big data providing improved reporting and aggregation.

As I said before change can be a force for good and the benefits of migrating to SQL Server far outweigh the short time initially spent configuring and migrating from a legacy storage environment.

One of our customers who had recently migrated to SQL Server had a catastrophic disk failure during their busy day. As their disaster recovery plan had considered an appropriate back up strategy they were up and running in a matter of minutes with no loss of data. This alone justified any additional ‘perceived’ or actual costs.

So embrace change and migrate to SQL for a range of business benefits.

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