Technology innovations shaping the future of ERP

Businesses today are required to deal with technological advancements occurring at a pace never experienced before. ERP systems continue to remain the epicenter of business systems. An ERP software system is often one of the most significant investments a company will have to make. Not only is it a major financial decision, but it’s also a practical one that can impact all parts of your business, like sales, accounting, manufacturing, marketing and more.

To carry out a successful implementation, its imperative businesses perform thorough research on their business and upcoming technology trends which will not only affect their business but their ERP choice.

Data insights

Data easily surfaced through an ERP system can have a positive impact on process and bring about the transformation of businesses. It has enabled businesses to improve their responsiveness and enhance their revenues significantly. The internal processes are streamlined, resulting in a highly productive working model.

Here’s how the combination of data with ERP systems is impacting businesses:

By employing analytical tools, organizations can begin to use this data to make accurate predictions that form the basis of a more intelligent approach to business strategy. Data surfaced meaningfully improves employee engagement as they are visually able to see their objectives and outcomes.

These insights can help increase the productivity and financial prospects of businesses. Integrating data with ERP systems can help in the collection, processing, and analysis of structured and unstructured data generated by businesses. With proper utilization of data, businesses can unlock a treasure trove of benefits over the already beneficial ERP solutions.


IoT has evolved over the years and keeps evolving due to rapid advancements in technology. With the introduction of real-time analytics, highly advanced sensors, machine learning, and embedded systems have empowered IoT to achieve incredible results.

IoT undoubtedly has incredible potential to benefit the business world. The business world has not been late to the party and has already started leveraging this technology to the fullest. IoT has made it possible for business organizations to be able to track and investigate the flow of information and track computer tasks in real-time. Analytics powered by IoT has facilitated prompt accessibility of specific enterprise knowledge enabling the management to make well informed, swift decisions and choices.

Cloud acceleration

One sure way to ensure your business is future-ready in a hyper-connected world is by leveraging the increased system performance, scalability and digitalization capabilities that cloud computing offers.

Using cloud-based ERP isn’t exactly the latest trend, but it is the most game-changing one. In the past, ERP platforms were only offered as on-premise solutions with start-up fees, hardware costs and expensive system maintenance and upgrades, which was too costly for smaller businesses

Currently, everything ERP has to offer can be run either in the cloud or on-premise, however, this may not be the case in years to come. The advent of Industry 4.0 demands a more agile and intuitive business software, with instant access to data on the move – something that the cloud platform is better suited to.

Businesses of all sizes and specialties can tailor these systems to fit their unique needs, improving efficiencies, productivity, customer satisfaction and a long list of other benefits. What has held throughout its life span, is that ERP continues to control, monitor, analyze and forecast the health of every part of the business.

Recent developments have shown that solutions that first appeared to be designed for consumers are increasingly finding profitable applications within businesses. By taking an innovative approach to the adoption of technology, businesses stand to save time and increase productivity; results that will be reflected in the bottom line of enterprises that choose to embrace new technologies.

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