Three Common ERP Myths De-Bunked (Part 1 of 3) – Myth #1: ERP is too hard to learn


As humans, we are often quick to believe speculation and establish opinion based on what often happens to be myth. As we are told time and time again, we should not always be so quick to believe everything we hear, and this also holds true in the software industry – particularly ERP.

In the next three blogs I will be unpacking three common ERP myths, the reality behind each and how SYSPRO software addresses them.

Myth #1- ERP is too hard to learn

Years ago on the first day of Spanish class in college, I was certain I was going to fail. Learning another language was going to be a lot of work. It was going to be confusing. It was going to be tough. I was going to have to read a lot. And study. A lot. And I was going to hate it. At least, this is what I believed about learning any foreign language based on my best friend’s experience with the same subject. However, after the first week of class, my initial negative judgment of the course started to fade as I realized how much support I actually had. My professor made our hour-long classes entertaining and easy to follow, we had access to online tutorials should we need help outside of the classroom, and any sort of educational collateral I needed was available to me via my school’s University Portal. Everything was in place to help me succeed and all I needed to do was follow the program. As a result, I developed a real interest in learning a foreign language.

I find that many mid-market manufacturers and distributors fear ERP solutions because of this same scenario. They assume the ERP vendor installs the software and then “disappears” without educating or training staff.   In some cases, this may be true, but not with SYSPRO. SYSPRO, and the reseller, support customers long after implementation takes place, and assist with an individualized education program based on each company’s unique needs. There are additional education resources, like the SYSPRO Learning Channel or the Education Hub on the SYSPRO Support website, where SYSPRO customers have 24/7 access to webinars, tutorials and other educational material.

We have discussed how SYSPRO optimizes ERP education in past blog posts – check out a few of them here.

No matter what the subject may be, hype and myth are inevitable in life; it’s important to do your research and collect accurate information. This myth is just one of the fallacies that Team SYSPRO has heard over the years regarding enterprise software. If there are any other stories you’ve heard around ERP, and want to “de-bunk,” be sure to contact us at SYSPRO. We’ll help set the record straight and put you on the path to ERP success.

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