Jamie Veinot

Jamie Veinot

Jamie Veinot, Product Manager of SYSPRO Americas, brings over 25 years of IT industry experience, catering to government, medical, and commercial clients across North America. His success is rooted in his commitment to thoroughly understanding the products and services he represents. Throughout his career, Jamie has held various senior management positions in software, telecommunications, and IT recruitment sectors. Since joining SYSPRO in 2008, he has worked in various roles, including sales, solutions engineering, and consulting. In his current role, Jamie oversees the implementation of the product vision/mission in the region. His duties involve grasping customer experience, rectifying product gaps, and formulating strategies to boost market share, customer satisfaction, and business expansion. He has obtained numerous SYSPRO and Product Management certifications and was recently recognized with the prestigious Global CEO award for Customer Centricity at SYSPRO.

Posts by Jamie Veinot

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