E-Learning is all about ME


As a mom I have embarked on a journey of being able to answers questions I have never been asked before and knowing how to do things I have never attempted before.

My girls are 7 and 5 years old and believe anything is possible, wanting to explore and discover new things all the time. From learning origami, cooking a cake I have never made, performing tricks (my eldest wants to be a secret spy) to sewing mermaid tails. This world of discovery, has become a joke in our household, whenever my daughters want to know something, they ask mom, “Mom’s know everything”.

The beauty of this is they do not know my secret yet of the internet, so for now I can continue their belief in me that I can do anything. I do not have to spend hours to learn how to teach them something new, it’s a quick YouTube video away or a Pinterest search for a recipe or step by step instruction.

The best part for me is that through them I have learnt so much and tried so many things.

This journey has helped me to realize that e -learning has really taken a drive to being more individual focused, more targeted. Learning anything new should be and is as easy as opening up my phone, tablet or computer. What I am looking for is easy to get to and achieved quickly.

So this year I hope to see a further intensification of new e-learning trends centering on the individual as opposed to the traditional prescriptive and static learning methods of old.

We expect to see more creation of content which will be on the rise in 2017 and also to see more carefully selected, user-focused, dynamic e-Learning content. From blogs, forum threads, guides, videos, and articles, multiple formats that allow users preference of learning style. The ability to learn in a way that best suits them.

The rise of the mobile introduced another user friendly education trend. E-learning content is accessed via mobile devices by about 70 percent of learners. Wearable devices and gamification, will also increasingly be on the rise as students are freed from the confines of the classroom and can study, train and learn wherever they are 24/7.

That’s why we predict that mobile learning will continue to rise in popularity in 2017. Oftentimes, learners are switching from one device to another depending on their location or needs.

Our soon to be launched SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) will include all of these e-Learning features and trends, amounting to a very user focused and friendly e-Learning experience. Our SLC has been designed for easy mobile access, catering for the needs and devices of learners. This new platform will enable our employees, channel partners and customers to have access to our learning content anywhere, anytime.

Whilst we will still have classroom courses, now all our course collateral will be available online as well. We have effectively created a learning and knowledge “one-stop site” that, unlike traditional learning models, gives our learners, learning on demand as and when it’s needed. Learners can target and rewatch areas of their course they are rusty on until they are up to date, setting their own pace and enabling more effective and faster learning.

Clearly the future (and present) of e-learning should be user focused and responsive to the needs of the learner. Customized and user friendly data, applications and formatting assist and encourage learners with their education process to further spread knowledge in a user friendly channel of communication.

So for 2017 I know I’m looking forward to not only learning new things that my daughters think up, but looking forward to seeing our community being able to embrace the ability to learn what they need when they need it, as quickly and as easily as possible. E-learning is all about ME and all about YOU.

See you online, I’m sure I now have to learn how to make wings so my daughters can fly!

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