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“SYSPRO is a great software that has regrouped all our departments. We have been able to integrate everything into one. It is extremely flexible and fully customizable.”

Lissa Cayer – Director of IT, Quadco

Company Profile
Quadco specializes in manufacturing mechanized forestry operations equipment that includes cutting tools, saw discs and attachments used by loggers. Established in 1989 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Quadco has facilities in Canada, the USA and New Zealand. Their products are available worldwide and they own over 40 patents in various countries

The Business Challenge
Quadco purchases raw materials to produce various subparts which are then used in other jobs to manufacture the final product. Losing track of hardware from one job to the other across systems was a real concern. Quadco wanted to organize all their data in one system so that they could gain visibility of their entire production process from raw materials to subparts to final product, all the way to the customer. Since their customers could customize products when they order, Quadco needed their system to have the capability to record customer preferences and help them fulfill reorders in the future. As their operations grew, they expanded overseas. They also wanted to streamline and automate the documentation process between their regional offices so that products manufactured in one location could be sold in other markets efficiently.

The Solution
Quadco chose SYSPRO ERP and worked with SYSPRO’s partner SHEA Global to create processes that automated intracompany transactions across different regions. Quadco has been able to create a complete Bill of Materials for their wood cutting products and they use SYSPRO’s Work in Progress module to track all product modifications and log them for ready reference.

The Outcome
Quadco relies on SYSPRO for managing their entire business. They have visibility of their parts and sub parts from sourcing all the way to when the products are sold to their customers. Each customer’s preferred product configurations are recorded so that reorders can be easily fulfilled. The automation between their global locations has eliminated manual intervention, saved a lot of time and reduced the number of errors that resulted from manual processes.

Organizing operations to meet customer requirements
Some of the wood-cutting products Quadco produces include cutting discs, and the heads on which these discs are mounted. When their customers place their orders, they can choose which way the cutting disc goes – either on the left or on the right of the head. It was difficult to keep track of these product configurations for each customer as all this data was stored in different systems or on paper. With SYSPRO, Quadco was able to create a comprehensive Bill of Material for all their products and can now effectively track parts and sub-parts from source. They use SYSPRO’s Work in Progress (W.I.P.) module to track and control all the different configurations in which the product needs to be manufactured. “The products we manufacture are expensive. So, we wanted to offer our customers the choice to determine certain preferences when they order from us. We needed a system that gives us the ability to efficiently manage these customer requests,” said Lissa Cayer, Director of IT, Quadco. “SYSPRO allows us to control production and track complete history for each customer. They come back to us after years and we can now tell exactly what they need and, if there is an improvement in the product, we could offer it to them,” she adds.


Quadco Group


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