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The decision to invest in business solutions software often involves a number of people, all with different agendas, priorities, experience and skills. Not to mention, different stakeholders in your organization feel the pain of inadequate or inflexible technology in their own unique ways.

Whatever role you play in the process of choosing new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it’s important to understand how to measure the Return on Investment (ROI) in a way that aligns with your business goals and company strategy.

Improve ROI and minimize friction with a world-class ERP that addresses your business needs across business functions. Explore the functional areas outlined below to find out how people working in different jobs can solve their departmental challenges and can further improve total business profitability with the help of SYSPRO ERP Software.

How SYSPRO management software meets your Business Needs

Make insight-driven decisions to realize your vision

A comprehensive integrated ERP solution greatly reduces the time in informed decision-making and makes it possible for executives of a manufacturing or distribution company to more easily gain visibility and control over multiple facets of the organization. ERP can provide flexibility and enable a single view of the truth across single and multiple locations whether they be manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, warehousing, sales offices locally or globally.

Finance and Accounting
Embrace digital transformation to increase efficiency

The role of the chief finance function has evolved from a more myopic financially-centric (only) viewpoint, to providing strategic visionary leadership alongside the CEO. Sound investment and selection of the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a game changer for this new brand of strategic CFO, providing that person with a powerful way to gain sharper insights that drive both the company’s growth and bottom-line agenda.

Information Technology
Ensure security and governance by leveraging the latest technology

As the person responsible for choosing and managing technology in your organization you will want to ensure you are able to derive the most value from your IT spend and to demonstrate that value to your board through improved systems and processes. Your technology must support the growth of the business with improved processes and automation to improve the speed and accuracy of critical information.

Align purchases with demand in a cost-effective way

Unlike executives or managers responsible for just one specific area, the COO and operations function is responsible for all areas of operations and must maintain a multi-focus perspective as a way of life. This area must have strong technology capabilities that deliver near-instantaneous flexibility to meet these changing circumstances. With the flexibility to define operational goals, targets and deadlines at an individual, role or organizational level, managers can drive behavior that will result in improved performance – converting KPIs into meaningful improvement.

6 key ERP Considerations for your Business

SYSPRO has identified a clear need to simplify complex technologies, business processes and external conditions to achieve business optimization, and our solution transitions ERP from being a system-of-record to a system-of-engagement and system-of-insight through greater intuitiveness and ease of use.

Finding the right ERP solution is not about choosing the software with the most complex features or the lowest initial cost. It’s about finding the solution with the closest match to a business’s needs and objectives. As the heart of your business operation, your ERP system needs to be ‘industry built’. Industry-built software is better attuned to the unique and specialized challenges that exist in your sector. One-size-fits-all solutions will likely need constant attention, plenty of tweaking, and add-ons that address shortcomings in the software’s essential ‘fit’. Here, it makes sense to opt for an ERP solution that is able to provide built-for-industry frameworks designed to help you benefit from best practices, while minimizing the cost, time and disruption involved in ERP implementation.
A comprehensive ERP solution that is able to consolidate all of your data sets into one system, providing one clear single source of truth (SSoT) can potentially prove to be game-changing. The real-time data that comes from an SSoT can be relied on. Duplicate data is eliminated, as are errors accruing from manual entry. With an SSoT your view of the business is detailed and complete, and your forecasts and actionable insights are derived from accurate information. With an SSoT, workers across the enterprise are all on the same page, and management can confidently drive strategic decisions across the entire operations.
For most manufacturers, especially those who participate in international markets, compliance is an ever-expanding headache. From defence contracting through to food and beverage production, granular traceability of details such as material sources, supplier changes, and transactional audit trails is an absolute must. Compliance is an incredibly complex issue and if this is a consideration for your business, it is best to speak with an ERP provider to see how their solutions fit your needs. Above all, look for a secure platform that minimizes manual processes and allows for efficient monitoring and documentation of complex information flows.
User experience (UX) is crucial to rapid uptake, but UX alone is not enough – your chosen ERP software solution must engage your employees. That means empowering them to work whenever and wherever they want and enabling them to personalize the appearance and functionality of their ERP software interface. Engagement is the key to improving business performance and boosting productivity through reduced complexity and enhanced collaboration.
When an ERP system is deployed, the expectation for ROI is understandably high. All too often, however, companies balk when the time comes to invest in adequate education and support. Such reluctance is misguided. It will be difficult to maximize the ROI from your company’s ERP investment without ongoing access to expertise and user training. ERP training, like support, too often neglected, is your greatest hedge against application erosion – the idea that business software loses value over time. At SYSPRO, we believe that application erosion is avoidable since its major cause is insufficient user competence, enthusiasm, and commitment.
To remain relevant in Industry 4.0, the time has come for the C-Suite to embrace, and adopt, emerging technologies that will allow them to thrive in the years to come. When we talk about digitization or digitalization of your business we are talking about digital transformation. In business, digitalization most often refers to enabling, improving and/or transforming business operations and/or business functions and/or business models/processes and/or activities, by leveraging digital technologies and a broader use and context of digitized data, turned into actionable, knowledge, with a specific benefit in mind. Your ERP system can help your organization with its digital transformation. The key is to ensure that it is future-fit; that it has the capacity to act as the heart of your organization; and that it can provide you with the critical information you will need during the transformation process.
More on how SYSPRO ERP Solutions Can Help
Discover how our technology can help to create a truly agile supply chain with end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the entire ecosystem.

The Complete How-to-Guide to Your Digital Transformation with ERP

Embed digitalization, automation and ‘smart’ connected networks into every part of your manufacturing operations with SYSPRO ERP and unleash the power of industry 4.0.


SYSPRO Safeguarding Your ERP Investment

If you are wondering whether such a sizeable outlay in time, money and resources will contribute meaningfully to your company’s success, find out how you can make sure your ERP investment pays off.


SYSPRO ERP Engaging User Experience

SYSPRO ERP is a system of engagement providing a productive working environment, encouraging personnel to adopt and engage with SYSPRO through a platform that’s easy to use and empowers users in their daily operations.

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