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If you operate in a highly regulated industry you will know all too well that having decent traceability systems and a proper crisis management plan is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a necessity in the modern manufacturing and distribution landscape.

How do you as a manufacturer and distributor mitigate risk and remain compliant?

The Ideal ERP solution should provide a traceability system that offers full visibility throughout the value chain to ensure quality and to remain compliant.

A full manufacturing traceability ERP system

2.5 Million

“The world’s largest smartphone maker was forced to discontinue and recall the Galaxy Note 7 after some units started bursting into flames.”
source: How to Mitigate the Effects of Product Recalls

Industry-built to support your quality and safety systems, SYSPRO ERP offers a full traceability system which enables manufacturers to:

  • Track materials from receipt right through to delivery
  • Rapidly identify, quarantine and retrieve potentially defective goods
  • Accelerate the time to completion of your product recalls
  • Improve governance and drive compliance
  • Continually test and improve your traceability system
  • Remain compliant and meet regulatory reporting requirements
  • Mitigate the risks associated with recall

SYSPRO ERP improves governance and drive compliance

Navigating the complexity of a recall becomes simple when you’re able to act quickly.

SYSPRO ERP goes beyond just providing data – it enables you to take actionable steps in order to mitigate potential repercussions.

A fully powerful integrated traceability system enables SYSPRO ERP to trace, identify and report on every part of the supply chain in real time. And with built-in product recall and mock recall capabilities, SYSPRO offers one centralized system to take actionable steps to minimize the impact of issues or recalls.

SYSPRO ERP Minimizes Risk Before a Recall

Supplier Management and Purchase Control

Enables greater visibility, compliance and quality control in the procurement and supplier selection process.

Lot and Serial Traceability

For regulated industries, lot traceability is a must to comply with Safety Management Systems and Legislation. It enables you to maximize quality control by tracking products, materials and processes, as well as by facilitating effective recalls.

Engineering Change Control

Engineering Change Control (ECC) is crucial to quality control and is a requirement for ISO and QS certification.

Monitor Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints provides visibility into product defects, which may be non-compliant. It also highlights any areas requiring swift intervention and pinpoints the cost of quality measures.

Mock Recall (Testing)

Regular performing of mock recalls will enable you to test and continually improve on the effectiveness and robustness of your traceability system, thereby increasing the likelihood of a quicker time to completion in the event of an actual product recall.

ECC Reports and Mock Recall

To assist you in remaining compliant with regulatory bodies, SYSPRO ERP enables you to provide detailed audit ECC reports. In addition, Mock Recall reports can be easily extracted in the recall process and supplied to auditors to meet regulatory compliance requirements. An audit trail of a customer complaint is also available.

SYSPRO ERP mitigates damage during a recall
Ensure that any products produced and packaged on the premises are traceable back to the ingredients, components and primary packaging. With quick and easy access to all of the key product information recorded in the purchase, production, packaging, sale distribution and delivery of a product, you can swiftly trace and quarantine stock which is defective, be it spoiled, damaged, hazardous or of inferior quality.
Perform a full product recall quickly and efficiently by rapidly identifying and retrieving potentially defective goods from customers using the organization’s Product Recall System.

Prevents suspect items from being allocated to a job, invoiced or dispatched until the inspection process is completed.

Visibility of the communications (or activities) that occur between the touchpoints of organizations facilitates proactive intervention by management, improves relationships, and eliminates duplication of efforts. With early identification of a defect and the ability to quickly communicate with effected customers, you can minimize the damage of a recall.
Optimize customer service and safeguard customer relationships with timely responses to customer requests to return products.
Facilitate the swift and simple return of goods or services to suppliers as a result of defects or other reasons for dissatisfaction.

Develop and maintain your full traceability and recall system policies, plans and procedures – improving internal governance and driving compliance. SYSPRO Lot Traceability provides quarantine, customer quarantine, recall and customer recall reports. An audit trail of a customer complaint is provided and it keeps a record of all supplier returns as well as open status.

More on how SYSPRO ERP’s actionable traceability can help you

Get resources and insights into your industry and discover how our technology can help to improve governance and drive compliance.

Lot Traceability

Industry-built to support your quality and safety systems, SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability module offers a full traceability system – helping you improve governance and drive compliance to minimize the effects of a recall.


How to Manage Traceability and Product Recalls

Navigating the complexity of a recall becomes simple when you’re able to act quickly. Download the brochure to get practical ways to implement an effective traceability system and a proper crisis management plan.


Product Recall

SYSPRO Product Recall is a full traceability system developed to support an organization’s Recall Management System, and giving instant access to critical information required to track a suspect product, throughout the value chain.

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