SYSPRO Executive Team

SYSPRO’s strength lies in its leadership team whose expertise and experience have been instrumental in growing the company into a successful global organization. With a deep understanding of the industry and operating environment, SYSPRO’s executive team is committed to the success of our customers and partners. Regarded as thought leaders in their respective fields, they have a relentless passion to offer the highest levels of innovation and service excellence.

Phil Duff

Executive Chairman, SYSPRO

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Jaco Maritz

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO

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Kevin Dherman

Chief Innovation Officer, SYSPRO

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Sandra Fraga

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, SYSPRO

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Paulo de Matos

Chief Product Officer, SYSPRO

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JP van Loggerenberg

Chief Services and Technology Officer, SYSPRO

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Terence Moolman

Chief Strategy and People Officer, SYSPRO

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Chris Lloyd

Chief Product Engineering Officer, SYSPRO

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Mark Wilson

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO EMEA and SYSPRO APAC

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Brian Rainboth

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO Americas

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Laura Ramsay

Vice President of Marketing, SYSPRO Canada

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Tom Kim

General Manager, SYSPRO Canada

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Johan Conradie

Chief Financial Officer, SYSPRO

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