Document Flow Manager

SYSPRO Document Flow Manager (DFM) is a component of SYSPRO’s Integration Framework, designed to facilitate collaborative commerce by automating document flow between trading partners. DFM automates the processing of incoming and outgoing documents, such as sales orders and purchase orders, whether they originate from external organizations or internally.

The benefits of Document Flow Manager

  • Global business-to-business and business-to consumer hub
  • Protection of the ERP system through enforcement of standard business logic and security
  • Immediate processing of documents without operator intervention, 24 hours a day
  • Automatic and instant retrieval of documents as they arrive
  • Reduction in lead time between trading partners
  • Copying of XML documents to failed or processed folders
  • Translation of XML documents using an XSLT translator
  • Queuing of messages when the main system is down
  • Interaction with Microsoft’s BizTalk server
  • Elimination of transcription errors
  • Elimination of duplication of effort
  • Reduction in processing costs
  • Improved customer service


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