GT Grandstands Selects SYSPRO ERP Software for its Ability to Scale as the Company Grows

Designer and manufacturer of grandstands and bleachers sees big opportunity for growth; will leverage SYSPRO for scalability, inventory tracking, and financials

TUSTIN, Calif – March 12,  2024SYSPRO, a global provider of ERP software, today announced GT Grandstands, a top designer and manufacturer of grandstands and bleachers, has selected SYSPRO ERP Software to fuel its growth.

A leading maker of spectator seating for more than 15 years, GT Grandstands selected SYSPRO because it needed a scalable platform for managing its financials and, even more critically, inventory. The company was profitable and has seen a consistently increasing share in a growing market thanks to its ability to meet a wide array of customer needs with high quality products and competitive pricing. It was clear that the solutions it was using would not scale as the company continued to expand.

“We managed financials in QuickBooks, and the bill of materials (BOM) in spreadsheets,” said Greg Buckner, president of GT Grandstands. “While it worked, there was a lot of duplication of data, and it was a very, very clunky system. We see an enormous opportunity to grow, and it was clear that this system could not scale and would present a barrier to expansion.”

Originally, GT Grandstands was looking for a third-party extension to QuickBooks that could manage the BOM, but after meeting with SYSPRO and partner Lonehill Systems, they saw a system and a team that would scale right alongside GT Grandstands. Equally important, SYSPRO ERP was not only designed specifically for their industry, but also flexible enough to adapt to their unique way of doing business.

“Everybody says they can customize, but I’ve been through some of the bigger ERP companies at other organizations, and every single thing you wanted customized was a major ordeal that ended up costing much more than you planned,” Buckner said. “We feel very confident we can customize SYSPRO to the way we want to do things.”

“SYSPRO is designed specifically for mid-market manufacturers like GT Grandstands,” said Brian Rainboth, CEO, SYSPRO Americas. “We know the industry, and we’ve built our ERP platform to meet their unique needs on a flexible architecture that enables it to scale and be tailored to a perfect fit. We’re looking forward to supporting and accelerating GT Grandstands’ future growth.”

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