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The SLC operates as a Learning Management System, enabling companies to measure and monitor the educational progress of each SYSPRO user. Partners can learn about new SYSPRO features and functionality to better support their customers. End users can learn how to use SYSPRO to perform their day-to-day activities and prevent application erosion. Tracking and reporting provide management with valuable insight into how well educational and organizational objectives are met.

The SYSPRO Learning Channel consists of an Open Learning Library, Self-paced Learning, Certification and Classroom Sessions (physical and virtual).

The Open Learning Library houses a vast collection of freely available educational content, including:

  • Training guides covering SYSPRO modules, features, roles, processes, enhancements, and solutions
  • Step-by-step ‘how to’ tutorials
  • Feature demo videos
  • Conceptual videos
  • Recorded webinars
  • Create your own content playlists, download files, and follow content which interests you.


Self-paced Learning allows you to manage your learning requirements by following a structured learning path or focusing on specific areas where you need additional information.  Stay up-to-date and informed on the latest SYSPRO features and functionality. Monitor your own progress, and compare your progress with others on the leaderboards.

Certifications are based on Partner Contact Roles and your grading (Premium or Registered). There are defined Learning Paths for Sales, Pre-Sales, ERP Implementation Consultants, Support Consultants and Project Managers. The PartnerUP registration will provide a number of users access to Certifications based on your requirements.

Classroom and Virtual Classroom Sessions (Priced per session). Browse and sign up for a classroom and virtual classroom sessions available in your region.

End User SLC Plus membership content refers to having access to Self-paced Learning and End User Certification. SLC Plus members pay an annual subscription fee in order to access this content. End users can become part of a community where they can learn, share and obtain a globally recognized certification.

Contact your nearest Regional SYSPRO Office for more information or find out more about the SYSPRO Learning Channel.


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