New analyst report details how SYSPRO Embedded Analytics improves manufacturing operations

New analyst report details how SYSPRO Embedded Analytics increases enterprise visibility and productivity while reducing IT costs

Isaac Gould, Nucleus Research Analyst, notes that this new functionality in latest SYSPRO release enables non-technical users to analyze ERP data without burdening IT

SYSPRO, a global provider of industry-built ERP software, has been recognized for its significant new Embedded Analytics capability in a Nucleus Research report. As part of SYSPRO’s latest release, SYSPRO’s Embedded Analytics functionality empowers everyday manufacturing and distribution business users to conduct sophisticated analyses on ERP data to gain insights, all without involving IT.

According to Isaac Gould, Research Manager at Nucleus Research, “Most companies still lack a modern data analytics ecosystem, and instead rely on Excel spreadsheets that prove too slow and cumbersome to be effective in informing day-to-day operations. SYSPRO’s introduction of Embedded Analytics functionality within its ERP platform serves to enable typical business users to leverage and visualize real-time data within their ERP systems. With a centralized analytics solution, organizations can propagate analytics to the individual employee level within their workspace while maintaining security and access controls.

The Nucleus report outlines three expected benefits for users:

  • Improved organizational visibility: Out-of-the box, SYSPRO embedded Analytics can combine multiple sources of data from sales, operations, finance, workforce and other sources from inside SYSPRO ERP so users can gain a complete, up-to-date view of the organization. Interactive dashboards and visuals enable users to drill down and expand visuals to provide business users with quick access to relevant information.
  • Improved employee productivity: With embedded analytics, SYSPRO users can avoid involving and waiting on IT or data science teams to generate the insights they need. SYSPRO’s wizard enables business users to build custom dashboards and analyze data on their own.
  • Reduced operational costs: Embedded Analytics enables SMBs and mid-market companies to analyze data without having to hire expensive data scientists to support a separate BI tool. Additionally, because analytics is built into SYSPRO ERP, there’s no need to spend time and money on integrations between the BI solution and various data sources.

According to Darren Edwards, Head of Product Operations at SYSPRO, “Nucleus found that SYSPRO Embedded Analytics enables users throughout the organization to access data and insights. As a result, they can make faster, data-driven decisions that improve their customer relationships, optimize operations and increase revenue.”

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