What to look for when it’s time to switch

As your manufacturing business grows or changes, the limitations of your existing ERP system may become more evident, preventing you from scaling or keeping up with demand. You might experience operational inefficiencies, require extensive maintenance or customizations, or maybe you simply lack the industry expertise needed to support your business. At the heart of it, these pains are not only inconvenient, they’re a risk to your profitability.

When you’ve recognized that your existing ERP is a liability, it’s time to move forward with a replacement. While the selection and implementation process requires planning and effort, taking action will result in increased competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

To assist you through the switching process, this whitepaper will cover:
  1. Signs that indicate the need to switch
  2. Keys to selecting your next ERP
  3. Must-haves in your next ERP