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Your manufacturing or distribution business may be small today, but we know you’ve got big dreams for your company. At SYSPRO, we’re committed to helping emerging businesses like yours realize their growth potential every day. Startups and small manufacturing and distribution companies like yours often seek new small business software solutions once they realize that standard off-the-shelf tools just can’t handle the complexity of your industry. Yet as a small business, keeping IT costs low is still important. A lot of software packages are unaffordable with “bells and whistles” you don’t need today.

How do you choose an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management software solution that works for you now – and that will grow with you in the future?


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SYSPRO ERP Software for Small Businesses

Stop Managing with Spreadsheets

Wondering whether you really need ERP software? That old standby, the spreadsheet, may cost very little and work well for small tasks, but it’s constantly out of date and requires manual work to update. And, it’s likely to contain mistakes. According to Ventana Research, 90% of spreadsheets with more than 150 rows contain errors.

Spreadsheets are terrible tools when you’re trying to manage more complex manufacturing processes like quoting, order fulfillment, inventory and supply chain management. The time involved to pull data together from multiple sources can cost you a lot more than you think.

Why Small Business ERP Tops Accounting Software

Basic accounting software packages like QuickBooks are great when you’re just trying to manage basic financials, but once your business gets more complex, challenges arise because they don’t provide a lot of the automation and reporting you really need in manufacturing and distribution. For example:

  • How do you manage product recalls and ingredient traceability?
  • How do you connect your quoting and estimating processes to raw material and resource availability on the shop floor?
  • How easily can you manage inventory?
  • How long does it take to pull together operational performance metrics for management reporting?
  • Has regulatory compliance become increasingly labor- and paper-intensive?

ERP software systems empower even smaller companies to deal with challenges like these by unifying data and processes across the organization, from sales and support to production and delivery. And, small business software solutions like SYSPRO ERP incorporate robust financial management functionality tailored to manufacturing and distribution.

What to Look for in Small Business ERP Solutions

If you’ve decided it’s time to modernize your management tools to improve efficiency and profitability, here are just a few of the factors for your small business to consider.


Ease of Use

Every software vendor claims to offer easy-to-use solutions, so put SYSPRO ERP to the test. We’re confident that our tools are easy to use – and easy to customize without the need for IT intervention.


Flexibility: Cloud ERP or On Premise

With SYSPRO ERP, you have a choice of deployment options to suit your business and your budget. Learn about our cloud ERP services, which enable you to reduce your initial upfront capital expense investment.


Rapid Implementation

SYSPRO is committed to fast implementations. We provide you with a roadmap for realizing return on investment today – and in the years to come.


Modular and Scalable

As a small business, maybe you don’t need everything all at once. SYSPRO is highly scalable and modularized — select only the modules you need now to succeed, knowing you can expand later as needed. At the same time, rest easy knowing that SYSPRO offers a comprehensive suite of applications to support increased complexity as you grow.


Industry Expertise

SYSPRO’s industry-specific frameworks help you take advantage of best practices from decades of helping companies like yours to succeed, in more than 60 countries around the world.

Small Business ERP

Business growth is a fantastic thing, but it can come with growing pains as you scale up. It demands careful planning and accurate financial information to manage successfully. If you’re considering updating management software systems to support your growth initiatives, discover how small business software solutions from SYSPRO delivers the power and simplicity you need both today and in the future.

Customer Success Story

“We were expanding, adding more locations and were keeping track of our entire business by hand on spreadsheets, which was working against us. We needed to computerize and get something more in line of organized accounting and integrated business control. We found SYSPRO, which was user friendly for beginners, and brought everything Annabelle needed into one package.”
—Vice President of Finance, Annabelle Candy
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